Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tell us how to improve for next year

We are planning to run another competition in 2008, when Liverpool will be European Capital of Culture. Again, it will be a free gift to the city, and we want even more entries from a wider spectrum of the community. To help us improve the competition process and the way we distribute the books, we'd be really grateful for your feedback. We love compliments, of course, but we want criticism too – if we don't know what was sub-standard, we can't improve. So if you're a writer (whether you were successful in this year's comp or not), a reader, a retailer, librarian, or whoever, do please have a look at the questions on the FEEDBACK page (see link opposite) and either email us with your comments, or post them on the blog (tell us if you don't want them made public). MANY THANKS, and a very happy New Year. Enjoy Liverpool's year as Capital of Culture!

How to get hold of Volume 3

This volume was Capsica's birthday present to Liverpool on is 800th anniversary, so it is not for sale. We gave away 3,000 copies on 28th August 2007, and the remaining books are a free bonus volume in the set. But if you have bought the other four volumes separately, you won't now be able to get Vol.3 as a separate purchase.
SO: if you have bought Vols 1,2,4 and 5 and need Vol3 and a band to hold the set together, please email us and we'll tell you how to acquire them. Email: